Computing Concepts for Information Technology

This may someday become an eBook available free to professors, students, and anyone who might benefit from it. At the moment, only a few chapters are complete, and only one, Chapter 7, is in its final form. (Final form means it's been reviewed by a peer and by a subject matter expert, and proofread by at least one person who's not me.) I've published the completed chapters and those in progress on the Web in case they might help someone. A chapter that's "in review" is complete and being reviewed by a subject matter expert. The links are PDF files.


Front matter  Title pages  Preface

  1. How We Got Here
  2. Numbers, Number Systems, and Representing Data (In review)
  3. Digital Logic (In review)
  4. The CPU and Memory (Incomplete draft only)
  5. Input and Output
  6. Data Communications and Networks
  7. Computer Software
  8. Information Security Concepts (mobile formats available)
  9. Computing in the 21st Century